My Practice

I was always looking outside myself for strength and confidence but it comes from within.  It is there all the time.  
-Anna Freud
Linda Plastrik, LCSW, PLLC
Individual Psychotherapy:  Each person's therapy is unique.  I work with adolescents, adults and seniors with issues regarding depression, anxiety and/or relational problems.  I specialize in women's issues, eating and body image problems, infertility, bereavement and complicated grief issues, coping with mental illness in your family, and dilemma's for well siblings .  
Couples Therapy:  Difference in communication styles can make being in a relationship very difficult.  It is one of the most intense relationships we have in our lives where we expect many needs to be fulfilled and don't often take the time to "check in" with each other until feelings are so hurt it feels irreparable.  So often with couples I find that each partner wants the same things and because they communicate their needs so differently or have coping styles that are so different, they don't see it.  This is where couples therapy can really help.
Groups:  I'm very excited to tell you about my newest group!

Siblings Of The Mentally Ill: 8 week Therapeutic Support Group for 
Adults who have a sibling with mental illness.

This group will provide an opportunity to share the often unspoken thoughts and feelings of the healthy sibling.  Our focus will be to identify and acknowledge the impact of the illness on the relationship with your sibling and on you individually.  
Together, with others who understand your experience, you will gain new techniques to manage a difficult and life long relationship.  
I will meet with all group members individually prior to the group so please, if you are interested, give me a call.  

This is a group to help you re-connect and be more "tuned in" to the many parts of yourself that make you special and unique.  We will explore the use of your body, mind, spirit and sensation, through various modalities such as: Guided imagery, inner relational focusing, movement, nutrition and group discussion.  
The goal of this group is to gain self awareness, increase personal comfort within yourself and gain greater ease with your body.  It's about renewing your self esteem.  It's really important to feel good about who you are.  Learn easy step by step ways to feel renewed everyday.  We meet for ten sessions - Cost:  $350