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I am a licensed clinical social worker and provide individual, couples and group therapy.  There are many reasons people go into therapy; problems feeling depressed or anxious, or problems in a relationship.  In therapy we work together within a framework of different theories of psychology and peice together a way to understand it.  In my work I use all the things that have been helpful to me.  Insight oriented psychotherapy, art therapy and interrelational focusing.
Insight oriented psychotherapy is about learning how you've come to believe the things you know in regard to yourself and in relation to other people.  You've been learning things all your life from many different places; your parents, family, and friend's.  Then there's the way those people interacted with one another and the way they interacted with you.  
You've learned about yourself that way and how you view the world.  Very often we don't like those things we've learned about ourselves and that causes us much unhappiness.  We can change it.  We first need to understand it.  This is the beginning of change.  I have found that Art Therapy and Interrelational focusing are wonderful non verbal tools to add in helping us reach things we're having difficulty getting to through talk therapy.  Please feel free to call me and find out more.         

Linda Plastrik, LCSW, PLLC

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